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Make yourself a priority

At Cedar's Embrace we strive to help you make yourself a priority. It's not easy to make time for ourselves in this fast-paced world, and we know it. We offer a unique approach to self-care and quiet time, allowing you to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of life and just have one-on-one time with yourself. Sit back, relax, enjoy our relaxation room and Himalayan salt room with booth. Breathe deeply and enjoy redefining what relaxation means to you.

The Experience 

Awaken Your Spirit

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Hydro Massage Bed

A HydroMassage bed differs from what you might think of as traditional massage therapy. Instead of a traditional massage performed by a therapist, the HydroMassage bed uses jets of warm, pressurized water to target particular areas of the body.

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Himalayan Salt Lounger

Cradled in healing comfort, experience the nourishing benefits of Himalayan salt while relaxing on the heated, ultra-comfortable Flex-Block Salt Lounge.  The salt tiles release negative ions to improve respiratory and allergy issues, decrease anxiety, and more.

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Himalayan salt room with booth


 Halotherapy is considered an alternative treatment for lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis and cough. This therapy can also help you relax and may help with skin conditions and allergies as well as arthritis discomfort.


Calming Scents and Sounds

Intentionally engaging our five senses – hearing, touch, smell, taste, and sight – are incredibly powerful tools in providing instant relief in a hectic world.  

Image by Rob Mulally

Prioritize YOU

Destressing Has Never Been So Simple

Located in Londonderry, NH, our relaxation room is a haven for reflection and inner discovery. Since we opened our doors, we've strived to deliver outstanding experiences in the most professional manner possible.


We invite you to enjoy a variety of soothing treatments and unique amenities to make each visit nurturing and rewarding.


Book your reservation—your journey to relaxation starts now.

Our Approach

           At Cedar's Embrace
we strive to give our clients an

Oasis of Relaxation. 

We want to offer a safe, calming,

and quiet space for you to reconnect

with yourself while redefining what relaxation means to you.

Heather O

Relaxation For Everyone

Our relaxation room allows you to utilize both the Hydro Massage bed and the Himalayan zero gravity lounger.  The relaxation room has a 30-minute minimum. 

 Himalayan salt room therapy has many benefits, it helps enhance overall breathing, cleanses and purifies the air, calms allergies and reduces Asthma, it raises energy levels, helps to alleviate cough and other symptoms of the common cold.  It helps reduce inflammation, arthritis discomfort and overall skin care. 

Relaxation Room Pricing

1.00/ MIN Per Person 


1.75/ MIN for Two


Himalayan Salt Room Therapy Pricing

50.00 / 45 MIN


30.00/ 25 MIN


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